About Zasip


Experience the idyllic Zasip through sports activities and other experiences that Zasip offers in all its beauty as a place.

About Zasip


The village of Zasip is located close to Bled and counts just over 1000 residents. Until 1973, Zasip was part of the District Municipality of Bled, formerly governed by the Municipality of Radovljica. Today, Zasip is a well organised and operated local community that constitutes one of the five local communities of the Municipality of Bled. Zasip takes pride in its diverse cultural and sports associations, an indispensable fire brigade, and other active local societies.

The local community was founded so that locals could better influence the development of their home village and improve the quality of village life. The community members have been successfully fulfilling their mission ever since. In 1978, the former Socialist Alliance of Working People of Yugoslavia in Belgrade presented Zasip with the highest-ranking award for the best kept local community in Slovenia. The local efforts towards the beautification and successful operation of the community have only increased with time, which is particularly evident from the number of active village voluntary organisations, whose members are the driving force of the village’s development and life.

Each year, on August 5th, the villagers of Zasip commemorate one of the first anti-Nazi sabotage acts in the Gorenjska region. In 1941, three young Zasip activists blasted the pipeline of the Piškovca power station in Zasip to temporarily disable electricity generation for the Jesenice Ironworks, which had been taken over by the German occupying forces. The local holiday is accompanied by various festivities and events organised by all the village societies. Zasip Local Community is today made up of nine actively involved local organisations.


Zasip Local Community


Sebenje 6, 4260 Bled




Aljaž Vidic, President

Area of jurisdiction:

Zasip village (4.9km²)


General public administration activities

Local Community Council (2018 to 2022):

Five members

Local organisations:

Zasip Culture and Arts Society, Zasip Agrarian Society, Zasip Pensioners’ Organisation, Zasip Voluntary Fire Brigade, Zasip Sports Club, Zasip Red Cross Local Organisation, Zasip Local Branch of the Union of the Associations of War Veterans and Participants in the National Liberation Struggle of Slovenia, Zasip Tourist Association, Kamot Cultural and Arts Society

Population (Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, 2018):


Average population age in years (2016):


Number of households (2015):