Experience the idyllic Zasip through sports activities and other experiences that Zasip offers in all its beauty as a place.



Zasip is located in the north-western part of Slovenia in the Municipality of Bled. It borders Jesenice along the Radovna river to the north, the municipality of Žirovnica along the Sava Dolinka river to the east, the municipality of Gorje along the Jesenice-Nova Gorica railway line to the west, and the municipality of Bled to the south. The northern part of the village covers the area of Hom hill, while the southern part reaches into the fields of the Blejski kot landscape. The village is situated on moraines created by the Bohinj glacier. The marshy Piškovca area lies to the east along the Sava river. Zasip can be accessed from Bled, via the village of Breg over the Piškovca bridge, following the Cesta v Vintgar road west, or through the settlement of Podhom. Even though Zasip’s climate is temperate continental, its slightly higher elevation often induces sunny weather when lower areas are covered in fog. Zasip is a nuclear village, which can be best observed in the oldest part of the village around the Church of St John the Baptist.