The Church of St John the Baptist

The nicely renovated parish church is located in the eastern part of the village. It is devoted to the patron of the parish, St John the Baptist. The church was designed in its current Baroque style in 1778 and consecrated in 1792. The original structure is unknown, but the building was presumably smaller and more modest. The church interior boasts Baroque altars embellished by artwork by the well-known painter from Kranj, Leopold Layer.

The main altar is devoted to the church’s patron, so the central painting depicts the baptism of John. A statue of St Peter holding keys is placed to the left of the main altar, and the right side contains a statue of St Paul with a book.

The left altar is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. It displays statues of Mary’s parents, Joachim and Anne, to the left and to the right. The left and the main altars originate from the end of the 17th century, whereas the right altar, which is devoted to Ignatius Loyola, was built at a later date. Loyola’s altar is accompanied by a statue of St Anthony the Hermit on the left and St Nicholas on the right. This altar was commissioned in 1803 by a local man, Urban Krivic, who was a church dean in Gorje at that time. A stone relief with an image of the knight Lambergar is displayed on the left side, next to the church entrance.


The Church of St John the Baptist